Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween with Hello Kitty

Hello to everyone in the blogging world. As you all know Halloween is coming and I bet everyone is looking forward to it. I know my friend Fiorella is. She loves Halloween. In honor of Halloween my post for today is in honor of this holiday and my friend Fiorella. Fiorella if you are reading my blog this post is for your love of Halloween. Plus I never did a Halloween post with my favorite cat Hello Kitty until now. Picture number 1 is a Hello Kitty Jack O Lantern. I think it's cute and I wish I knew how to put Hello Kitty's face on a pumpkin.
Picture number 2 is Hello Kitty dressed as a devil for Halloween and she is standing behind five small Jack O Lanturns.

Picture number 3 is Hello Kitty and her friends trick or treating. Hello Kitty is a devil, Choco Cat is a mummy, the penguin who's name I don't know is a ghost and the character behind Choco Cat is a little clown.

Picture number 4 is Hello Kitty dressed as a witch along with her teddy bear friend that is dressed as a little devil.
Picture number 5 is Hello Kitty as a witch flying in the air with her broom.

Picture number 6 is Hello Kitty dressed as a black cat. I think Hello Kitty looks adoorable dressed as a black cat.

Picture number 7 is Hello Kitty flying in the air as a witch on Halloween night. I hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween.

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