Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Powerpuff Girls

When I was growing up I used to watch this show called The Powerpuff Girls. It was a t.v. show about these three little girls made by Professor Utonium. He made them with sugar, spice, and everything nice which is said to believe that is what little girls are made of. Professor Utonium accendtly added Chemical X which gave them their superpowers. Bloosom is the leader of the powerpuff girls and she the smart red head. Bubbles is the cutest one and was once voted the favorite of the powerpuff girls because of contest that cartoon network did once. Bubbles is the blonde one if you didn't know that. Buttercup is the toughest of the powerpuff girls and she loves to fight. There was 78 episodes of the powerpuff girls, a christmas special, The Powerpuff Girls movie that is about the begining of the powerpuff girls, a other esposide that was never seen before when of the emenies of the powerpuff girls Mojo Jojo fianlly takes over the world but does good things instead of evil. Eventually Mojo Jojo got tired of being good and went back the being evil. Here are some pictures of the powerpuff girls and other characters in the show. Picture number 1 is Bloosom, Bubbles, and Buttercup about the kick some butt.
Picture number 2 is Ms. Sara Bellum. She is the assistant to the mayor of townsville where the powerpuff girls live and protect from bad guys. To be honest Ms. Bellum should be the mayor since she does everything for the mayor while he sits on butt or just shows up at events to look good for the citzens. In all the episodes I've watch I have never seen Ms. Bellums faces because it's covered with all that red hair and the fact that she is tall. I found this picture of what her face might look like. Who knows maybe that is her true face.
Picture number 3 is The Rowdy Ruff Boys. They are evil male counterparts of the powerpuff girls. There names are Boomer, Rex, and Butch. The Rowdy Ruff Boys were made by Mojo Jojo in episode 12 of the powerpuff girls. The Rowdy Ruff Boys are made of Snips, Snails and a puppy dogs tail. The final ingredent is chemical X which Mojo Jojo got from a toilet while he was in jail. The Powerpuff Girls had a real hard time fighting The Rowdy Ruff Boys and the powerpuff girls were almost defeated. Thanks to Ms. Bellum she told the girls how to defeat the rowdy ruff boys once and for all. The Powerpuff Girls kissed the boys which is what little boys hate and they exploded. Boomer, Rex, and Butch were revived in a episode called The Boys are Back in Town by a other villian in the show only known as HIM. When the boys came back HIM gave him cootie shots which gave them immunity to girly kisses. In other words kisses arent going to get rid of them anymore.

Picture number 4 is Professor Utonium who created the powerpuff girls and is also their father and Ms. Keane who is the powerpuff girls kindergarden teacher. This picture is a scene from the powerpuff girls movies that came out on Friday July 5TH, 2002. The professor is taklking to Ms. Keane about Bloosom, Bubbles, and Buttercup's first day of school. If you seen the movie then you know what happens when the girls play a game of tag.

Picture number 5 is the mayor of townville. I don;t know how he became the mayor because Ms. Bellum is the hard working one since all the mayor does is call the powerpuff girls. The Mayor really likes pickles alot so sometimes he calls them to open the pickle jar.

Picture number 6 is the villians from the show. The five green teenagers are the gang green gang. In espode five Buttercup develops a crush on Ace who is the leader of the gang green gang and Ace took advance of Buttercup's feeling to get away with stuff. Ace is the leader and he wears sunglasses, Big Billy is a other member of the gang green gang and he is the biggest and the dummest. There is also grubber who doesn't talk but does impressions of other characters, Snake because he looks like a snake and little arturo. Buttercup finally realize the Ace was talking advance of her when he and his gang tried to get rid of her sisters Blossom and Bubbles and beat up the gang green gang. The big pink guy is Fuzzy Lumpkin who loves to call everything his proberty and is a country bumpkin. The Monkey with the helmet is Mojo Jojo who is evil and brillant. He used to be little Jojo the professor's lab monkey until the powerpuff girls were born and the blast of chemical X made his brain pop out of his head and he became super smart. One of the amieba boys are there too, HIM who is super evil and sedusa which her powers comes from her hair.

Picture number 7 is Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup playing in the snow. Looks like they are having fun.

Picture number 8 is a other scence from the powerpuff girls movie. This is when Professor Utomuim names the girls.

Picture number 9 is Bloosom, Bubbles, and Buttercup playing music in their band.

Picture number 10 is the power puff girls and their father who is also their creator. Bloosom is lifting up the professor.

Picture number 11 is Bloosom, Bubbles, and Buttercup all together. I hope everyone enjoys my post for today.


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Cute! I like both versions, the PowerPuf Girls and the PowerPuff Girls Z series. Nice pics.

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