Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Time at The 2009 Anime Festival

Hello to everyone in the world of blogging I have these words to say. On Saturday September 26TH, 2009 I attended the anime festival. I went with my boyfriend Angel, his four friends Justin, Jose, Tearel and Shadow. I arrived at 42ND street and Bryant park which was where we were all suppost to meet at 9:00 a.m. sharp. I arrived on time like I planned to at the meeting location. My boyfriend Angel slept in by mistake and I learned that he is a sleep walker. Angel told me that he woke up sleepwalking and turned off his alarm clock and went back to bed. The only reason why Angel knows of his actions is because he shares a room with his little brother Khristian and told Angel everything. One of Angel's friend's Justin called him and asked where in the world was he. As soon as my boyfriend Angel looked at his watch he was in shock and knew right away that Justin, Jose and I wanted to knock him out for being late. Angel rushed to get dress and to meet up with his friends and me. Angel kept me and his friend waiting for a little over two hours and boy we were ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin, Jose, and myself all yelled at Angel for being super late. Angel knew he was in a mess of trouble with the 3 of us. Angel if by any chance that your reading this post I will never let you forget it!!!!!!!!! All of us arrived to the festival late thanks to my boyfriend sleeping in. However it was still an enjoyable event. As I said from the post named Inuyasha and Kagome I was going to dress as Kagome for the anime festival and I did. I looked so cute in my costume and Angel and his friends thought so too. I remembered to bring my digital camera because I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to take pictures of other people in cosplay costumes. Some of the people who wore cosplay costumes were home made which is cool. There was even a contest to see who had the best costume. Angel entered the contest but didn't win. A girl dressed as Misty from the earlier series of Pokemon won the contest because she made her costume and it was voted the best. I don't blame the judges for picking that girl. The costume really look like the clothing Misty wore in the earlier series of Pokemon. During the time that I was at the anime festival I bought volumes 4 and 5 of Peach Girl Change of Heart which I finally learned that it is different from the regular Peach Girl books. For now my plan is to buy and collect all the Peach Girl books. It will make my manga library bigger than it is now. I also bought a T-shirt that has Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from the Mario Brothers Games holding a green mushroom. In all the Mario Brothers games I played growing up and still do to this day I know that a green mushroom means you get a extra life. Above the two princesses it said two girls one up. In other words who gets the green mushroom? During the anime festival people dressed as Pokemon were having a Pokemon battle. Even people who weren't dressed as Pokemon were in the battle. I bought it was kind of funny. When the battle was over Jose and I couldn't believe who won the Pokemon battle. it was a guy in a chicken suit. That's right people a guy in a chicken suit won. Jose even filmed the battle with my camera. Around 5:00 p.m. we all went into a room where a guy from this popular website was the guest speaker. I was hoping to get some free stuff like I did last year but I got nothing. What a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!! While I was still at the anime festival Angel's friend Shadow was being chased by her younger half sister who's name I forgot but she was dresses as L from Death Note and Shadow's drink fell and sprayed a little bit on my skirt. I was so mad but I know it was an accident. However if that stain doesn't come out Shadow is in a whole mess of trouble. All of us stood at the festival even when it was over for a while because Angel was waiting for his friend Tearel to come back from whatever he was doing which I don't want to know. Angel, myself and his friends had to wait a long time for the bus to get to the Javtis Center where the anime festival is every year. I got home late but not super late like my crazy party girl sister who I believe doesn't care about anyone but her self but my crazy sister is not the topic for my post for today. I had a really good time at the 2009 anime festival. Just to let the world know Angel was dress as Cloud from Final Fanstany, Justin was Seforah also from Final Fanstany, I was Kagome, Jose didn't wear a costume, and Teareal was a character from Kingdom Hearts named Riku. Justin's girlfriend also attend the anime festival dressed as a cat and while she was with us let's just say she and Justin came up with a make a quick buck plan which I'm not going to say because it was so wrong on so many levels. That's all I have to say for now anyway and I hope anyone who is reading this leaves comments.

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