Monday, July 27, 2009


Growing up another Disney favorite I enjoyed watching was Cinderella. This movie came out on Saturday March 4TH, 1950. I was born 37 years and 7 months after the movie Cinderella was release. Cinderella is about a girl name Cinderella who lives with her evil stepmother Lady Tremaine and her two ugly stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia. Cinderella's father thought she needed a mother because Cinderella's mom died when she was a baby. Her father married Lady Tremaine but when Cinderella's father passed away Cinderella's stepmother's true colors show. She forced Cinderella to become a maid and to do all the chores. Cinderella never lost hope that one day her dreams will come true. If you seen Cinderella or read the story good things happen to Cinderella. Her Fairy Godmother came to her rescue after Cinderella's stepsister's rip us the beautiful dress that her animals friends Jug and Gas and the other animals made for her. We all know Cinderella meets the prince and they fall in love. At Midnight she has to leave because the spell was going to end at midnight. Cinderella loses one of her glass slippers while running away. The next day the prince sents the grand duke to look for the girl who fits the slipper because the prince wishes to marry her. Lady Tremaine finds out that it was Cinderella at the ball and she didn't want her to marry the prince. Both of the stepsisters tried on the slipper but it didn't fit. Cinderella's animal friends freed her from her room after her stepmother locked her in. Lady Tremaine tripped the guy who held the slipper and it broke. Luckily Cinderella had the other glass slipper. Cinderella's stepfamily wasn't happy but the Grand Duke was thrilled and so was the prince and the king. I found some pictures online of Cinderella. Picture number 1 is Cinderella, the prince and their two children. Who know it could happen. I wish they included Cinderella and the prince's children in the movie.
Picture number 2 is Cinderella and the prince dancing in the garden during the ball. It's such a beautiful garden and they look happy and in love.
Picture number 3 is Cinderella and the prince's wedding day. They both look wonderful and we all know it was a very happy day for them both and the whole kingdom.
Picture number 4 is Cinderella and her fairy god mother getting Cinderella ready for the ball. Cinderella was very happy for getting the chance to go the royal ball. If anyone has seen or read Cinderella you know what happens. If not then look it up.
Picture number 5 is Cinderella's glass slipper. In the movie when the clock stroke midnight the spell was broken and Cinderella has to leave. while she was running away Cinderella lost one of her glass slippers and the grand duke found it. I'm not if I could ever wear a pair of glass slippers but if I was playing the role of Cinderella it wouldn't hurt to try.
Picture number 6 is Cinderella cleaning the house. In the movie Cinderella's stepmother Lady Tremaine made Cinderella a servant and the two stepsisters didn't do any chores. Cinderella is looking at herself in a bubble like if it was a mirrior.

Picture number 7 shows Cinderella and some of the characters. To the left is Cinderella's stepfamily which icludes her stepmother Lady Tremaine and her daughters Drizella the girl with brown hair and Anastasia the red head who are Cinderella's stepsisters. There is also Luicfer the cat who is always giving Cinderella a hard time because he keeps chasing the two mice Cinderella is friends with. The two mice on the table are Gus and Jag. Gus is the fat mouse and Jag is the skinny mouse. They were the two that got the key from Cinderella's stepmother after she locked her in her room thay way she wouldn't be able to try on the slipper. The prince and Cinderella are standing together holding hands. To the right is the fairy god mother who made Cinderella's wishes come true, the grand duke who went all over the kingdom searching for the girl who fits the slipper and the king who is the prince's father.

Picture number 8 is Cinderella and the grand duke getting Cinderella to try on the glass slipper that she had. Cinderella's stepmother tripped the guy holding the slipper causing it to break. Luckily Cinderella had the other one. The grand duke was happy that she was the one but was thrilled that Cinderella had her other slipper.

Picture number 9 is Cinderella and the prince getting married. I know for a fact that they will most likely live happily every after.

Picture number 10 is Cinderella and her husband the prince going into the castle together. Jag, Gus and Mary the mouse are looking at the happy couple.

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