Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GED Practice test

Last week my computer teacher John gave us an assignment. The assignment was for the whole class to take a practice test on a GED website depending on what subject we want to improve on. I chose to practice reading so I went to www.gedreading.com. I took a few practice reading test and the recent one I took I didn't do so well. I plan on doing better because I know my score can go up if I just keep trying my best and study a little more than I normally do. When I take the real GED test soon I know I can pass since my plan is to study extra hard especially in subjects I thought I would never be good at. To my fellow bloggers wish me luck when I take the real GED test soon.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...


Let me see if I can help. Do you have a tutor? Don't worry about not doing well on the practice exams. Practice, practice, pracice.

Keep us(bloggers) posted on your progress. If I can not help I know those that can.