Friday, October 17, 2008

My 21TH Birthday

Saturday October 4TH, 2008 was my 21TH birthday. I can't believe I'm 21 years old. Good for me!!!! On my birthday I got really cute presents. My mom gave me a new pink leather journal from the musical Wicked and Lip gloss from Victoria's Secrets. My boyfriend Angel gave me a new scrapbook because he knows I like to put special pictures in a scrapbook. He also gave me a Hinata doll which is a character from Nautro. On our way to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum we met up with Angel's friend Justin who also gave me a birthday present. Justin gave me a lady liberty doll that looks like a Japanese animate character which is so cute. When Angel and I got to The Ripley's Believe it or not Museum we saw so many unusual things. For example there was a statue of the world's tallest man Robert Waldow who stood 8ft and 11inches tall. Angel and I had a good time at Ripley's Believe or not Museum. After that we went to little Italy for a romantic dinner for two at a restaurant which I can't remember the name. The food was great that I made sure the waiter got a nice tip. Then we went back to my house to cut the cake my neighbor Nora made for me. It was a sweet Strawberry Shortcake which was very enjoyable. My 21TH birthday was great and both of my older sisters Debbie and Jessica are happy that their baby sister is finally 21. It's because they want to take me to clubs and do things that I couldn't do before because I was underage. However that's not gonna happen because I'm not a party girl and I never will be. By the way the reason why I put the Happy Birthday sign on my post it's because I thought it would look nice on my post.

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